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AC Collection Acne Patch

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Cover, Calm, Make invisible!.

Oval shaped, highly adhesive acne patch suitable for covering several adjacent acne spots at once.

After years of experimenting, COSRX CentellAC-RX formula has been perfected to optimize the efficacy of the natural Centella ingredient which not only treats acne but also heals the damages that have already been made to the skin. This special formula allows the skin to return to its healthy state through a new methodical approach to solving acne-related concerns such as controlling excessive sebum and balancing skin's natural pH level.

Oval shaped hydrocolloid patch in 3 different sizes

Oval shaped patch which is suitable for covering several acne spots at once and for covering body acne.
3 different size patches can cover from small pimples to cystic acne.


Strong adhesion patch

The border of the patch is thinner to strongly adhere to curved areas such as the jawline and hairline.


How to use

  1. Cleanse the area around the troubled spot. Use after an exfoliator or before the toner step.
  2. Select a bigger size patch than the spot.
  3. Attach the patch on dry skin.

26 patches in three sizes

Carboxymethylcellulose sodium, Polyisobutene, Rosin, Polybutene, Mineral oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Polyuethane film

PLEASE NOTE: Ingredients are subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to date list of ingredients, please refer to the product packaging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 25-34
Might start going to church, because these are a miracle.

Dear reader, first of all, look at the price of these bad boys. Come on now. You can afford to take a chance on these.

Secondly - my skin type is chronic moderate adult acne, some cystic and some hormonal, with dry skin. This skin type makes acne care very difficult as I can easily dry my skin out and make it worse. Benzoyl Peroxide, night creams, and these little patches of heaven are going to be staples of my skincare routine until I'm old and grey. DID YOU KNOW: Drying out spots is often ineffective - healing them by keeping them moist under a patch is the way to go. Thank me later.

Bonnie L.
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 25-34
Does what it says

Not much to say, great pimple patch and would recommend to everyone

Tessa W.
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 35-44
Amazing product!!

These are honestly little miracle workers!! I tried my 1st on Monday, popped it on and left it till Tuesday morning. My angry red pus filled pimple was completely gone, vanished, nothing to say it ever existed! Absolutely amazing!!

Yatha J.
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 25-34

AC Collection Acne Patch

Abbey S.
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 44-55
Pimples be gone

I love these! I buy them all the time.

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