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    来源:美国雷火电竞网站 Tony 王老师 发布时间: 2020/3/20 12:59:24 阅读:96


    01自我介绍 (Personal Life)

    1.   你最近好吗?
    How are you doing?
    2.   你的名字,年龄,家乡?
    Whatis your name?How old are you?Where are you from ?
    3.   你如何描述自己的家乡? 
    How would you describe your hometown?
    4.   介绍你的家庭背景
    Tell me about your family background?
    5.   你父母是做什么的?
    What do your parents do?
    6.   你目前就读的学校和年级?
    What school are you currently going to?Tell me your schoolname and what grade are you in?
    7.   你周围的人是怎么评价你的?
    How do your teachers and friends describe you?
    8.   哪一个人对你的生活影响最大?
    What person has most influenced you in your life?

    02学术背景(Academic Background)
    1.   你如何评价自己的学术能力?
    How do you appraise your academic ability?
    2.   告诉我一些你所学的课程,你最喜欢的科目,为什么?
    Tell me something about your courses, what is your favorite subject? Why?
    3.   哪一门课程对于你来说是最困难或最具挑战性? 为克服这些困难和解决这些问题你做了些什么?通过克服这些困难你学到了什么? 
    Which courses have been the most difficult or most challenging for you? What have you done to overcome these difficulties? What have you learned through this experience?
    4.   你喜欢你的初、雷火电竞网站学校吗?你是怎么描述你的学校的?哪些方面是你喜欢的?哪些方面是你不喜欢的?
    Do you like your high school? How would you describe your school?
    5.   你最喜欢哪一位老师,为什么? 
    Who is your favorite teacher? Why?
    6.   你是什么时候开始学习英语的?你是如何学习英语的?
    When did you begin studying English? How do you learn English?
    7.   描述一下你目前的学校经历
    Please describe your current school experience.
    8.   描述你在学校典型的一天生活
    Please describe a typical day at school.

    03课外活动(Extracurricular activities)
    1.   你有什么爱好和特别感兴趣的事情,你的兴趣爱好? 
    Do you have any hobbies or special interests? What’s your hobby?
    2.   请描述你的特殊才能
    Describe your special talents, abilities, or interests.
    3.   你参加过学校的课外活动吗?
    Do you join any extra-curriculum activities?
    4.   哪项课外活动中你做的贡献最大? 
    What has been your greatest contribution to an extracurricular activity?
    5.   你最喜欢哪本书,最喜欢哪位作者,最欣赏哪一部电影或电视?为什么? 
    What is your favorite book, author, movie or TV? Why?
    6.   你经常阅读哪一份杂志和报纸? 
    What magazines or newspapers do you read regularly?
    7.   你阅读英文书籍吗?
    Do you read any English books?
    8.   你喜欢运动吗?
    Do you like sports?
    9.   你最近的一次暑假是怎么度过的?
    How did you spend your last summer holiday?
    10.  你以前出过国吗?去过哪些国家?
    Have you ever been abroad before?
    11.  你有自己一个人去旅行的经历吗?
    Have ever you traveled alone
    12.  你感觉到有压力的时候会怎么做?
    What will you do when feeling depressed?
    13.  什么事情能让你开心?
    What makes you happy?
    14.  什么事情让你烦心?
    What bothers you?
    15.  你喜欢旅游吗?你去过哪些地方?
    Do you like traveling ?

    04美国雷火电竞网站( US high school)
    1.   你为什么要选择到美国读书?
    Explain why you desire to study in America.
    2.   你对美国是什么印象?
    How do you like the USA?
    3.   你和你的父母是如何选择学校的? 
    How did you and your parents choose school?
    4.   你对于我们学校最感兴趣的是什么?为什么想来这所学校念书? 
    Why do you want to attend our School?
    5.   你为申请来美国读书做了哪些准备工作?
    How did you prepare for studying in the USA?
    6.   你考托福和SSAT了吗?你的分数是多少?
    Did you take the TOEFL or SSAT ?what is your score?
    7.   你是如何看待美国雷火电竞网站? 
    How would you describe American high school?
    8.   你将如何适应美国的雷火电竞网站教育体制? 
    How would you adjust to a different educational system?
    9.   你以前离开过你父母吗?
    Have you ever left your parents?
    10.  如果你在美国感到想家怎么办?
    What if you are homesick in the U.S.?
    11.  你以前住过校吗?你认为住宿在校园有哪些好处和坏处?
    Have you ever lived on campus before? How do you think of living on campus?
    12.  你认为和美国家庭住在一起有哪些好处?
    How do you think of living with an American host family?
    13.  你平时做家务么?
    Do you do any housework at home?
    14.  到美国读书的话,你会最想念的是什么?
    What will you miss most if you come to America to study?
    15.  你的短期目标和长期目标是什么?
    Describe both your short-term and long-term academic goals.
    16. 你在大学里想学的专业是什么? 
    What do you think your major will be in college?
    17.  你将来选择的事业目标是什么? 
    What is your future career goal?
    18.  你还申请了哪所学校? 
    How many schools did you apply? What other schools are you considering?
    19.  我们为什么该录取你? 你能为我校带来什么?
    Why should we accept you? What can you bring to our school?

    What is your religion background?Why do you choose a Christian school?How do you think about religion activities?
    Describe how you came to know Jesus Christ as your Savior
    Discuss how this decision impacts your life today.

    其他问题(other questions)
    1.  你比较关注的话题有哪些?或者你最关注的话题是什么?
    Let’s talk about a topic you concerned about recently.
    2.  假如你打算送你的老朋友生日礼物,你会选择亲手制作,还是去商店购买?
    If you decide to give your friend a birthday gift, will you make it yourself or buy one from the shop?
    3.  你收到过的最特别的礼物是什么
    What is the most special gift you have ever got?
    4.  你平时多久看一次电视或者玩一次电脑游戏
    How often do you watch TV or play computer games?
    5.  你每天花多长时间完成家庭作业?
    How long does it take to finish your homework everyday?
    6.  告诉我一件你在学校里发生的难忘的经历
    Please tell me about a memorable past school experience (positive or negative).
    7.  请描述一件令你感到自豪的事情。
    Please describe one experience that makes you feel proud of.
    8.  你是否曾经失败过?你如何面对失败?
    Tell us about a time that you were challenged and did not meet your goal. How did you respond to it, and what did you learn from it?
    9.  每个人都有自己独特的能力,你的超能力是什么?
    What is your superpower?
    10.  你的座右铭是什么?
    What is your personal motto?
    11.  你和父母吵过架么?
    Have you ever fight against your parents?
    12.  请列举一次你在学校参加过的一次最有趣的旅行, 请描述一次特殊的旅行
    Give me an example of the most interesting field trip that you have been on with your school? Please describe one special field trip.
    13.  你认为居住在一个山村里面生活一个月会遇到哪些挑战?
    What were some of the challenges of being in a village in the mountains for a month?
    14.  请描述你成功解决过的一个问题
    Describe a problem that you have solved.
    15.  除了学术外,你还期待到美国能学到什么或者经历什么?
    What are you looking forward to about going to the U.S., other than your academics?
    16.  你对美国文化怎么看?
    Whenyou think of American culture, what do you think of?
    17.  你来美国最期望收获什么?
    What are you looking forward to studying in the U.S.?
    18.  你有亲戚在美国吗?都有哪些亲 戚?在美国什么地方?
    Do you have relatives in the USA? Who?  Where?
    19.  你有其他想说的吗?
    Is there anything else that you would like to add? 

    Do you have any questions for me? 

    Where do your students go for college after graduation from your school?
    What kind of students are you looking for?
    How long have you been working here and how do you comment your school? Are you happy working here?
    I know your school is very competitive but I really hope to be admitted, can you tell me what else should I do to improve my competitiveness?
    Have you ever been to China? I wish you can visit my hometown someday and I would love to be your guide.
    Can I have a photo taken with you?
    I am very glad to meet you today and thanks for your time.















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